Refund Policy


If you have not yet left the Nourish + Bloom Market store, you can put the product back on the shelf and the product will be removed from your virtual shopping cart. If you have already left the store, you can initiate a refund via the app. Please contact the store where you purchased the product if you need to make a subsequent refund request after the first refund request.


How can I initiate a refund?

You can request a refund in the app within 7 days of your purchase. To do so, go to the Orders screen of the app. Now select the desired shopping cart and tap on Refund. Select the product, the quantity, and the reason. Our support team will then take care of the refund request. For refund requests for purchases older than 7 days, please use the email customer service in the app. Specify the product, quantity, and reason for the refund in text and submit the request. It will then be reviewed by our support team.


Should I return the product after I have initiated a refund?

Yes, you need to return the product into the same store where the product was purchased to get refund approval.